Goals and Intentions - June 2018

Whaddup June! Great to be back with ya!

This month is a tiny bit quieter, so I’m gonna embrace that and use the time to get back to being my healthiest, most vibrant self.

Goal one: Gut health – now I’m not going to say I wont have any take outs and I wont go out to eat with the girls this month, because, well I know me. But I am going to be focusing on being more mindful on what I eat, eating for energy and gut health. My main concern is what’s going on inside rather than what I look like on the outside. I’ve noticed that my mental health, is just as affected as my abs after a few weeks of continuously filling my body with foods that bare no nutritional value. I’m more likely to mentally and physically crash.

Training, I’d like to try and retrain myself back into getting up early and smashing through a 60-90 minute gym session at least 5 days a week, day 6 is a bonus day and day 7 is for rest.

Final goal for this month is to stay in my own lane… keep my brain on my business and my health and not be too involved with people that add stress and doubt to my day. If I stay in my light, stay focused on my goals and keep my head down – June should pan out to be a great month for me.

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