Blonde Vs Make-Up: My Essentials

I never have and never will be a ‘beauty’ blogger.. I can confirm I don’t really know squat about make up and my every day and even going out look, is very basic, very simple and easy to maintain. After years of using ‘cheaper’ cosmetics, I did recently invest in some slightly pricier but oh my goodness such good quality products.

I gym a lot, so I sweat a lot, make up slides of my face, or clogs up my pores very easily, the following products I’ve found stay in place, all day regardless of what I’m doing and rarely now do I experience a break out. Not only that, a little goes along way, especially when you’re not needing to reapply it several times a day… so whilst it may be pricier to initially purchase, its probably actually more cost effective if you’re not going through it as quickly as the cheaper products… Know what I mean?

I’ve done a little web bargain hunting and will link you to the best priced. Please note that there are a lot of fake replicas of the following make up, you may find them cheaper on eBay, and it may not be genuine… so if you’re going to shop these products online either use the link’s I’ve set up below (tried and tested by me) or ensure that the company is a reputable reseller before purchasing.

GlamGlow Moisturizer…. This is probably my favourite product, it smells so good, you need the tiniest amount and my goodness does it give you an illuminated appearance! I quite often have a ‘make up free day’ and this moisturizer gives me a nice bright, toned complex. Price Mark: £36

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation…. I tried so many foundations… from Loreal to Boots number 7, Armani before finally being recommended this beauty! Paired with the GlamGlow Moisturizer gives a glowing, clear skin look. Again, very little goes a long way. One coating will give you a medium to full coverage, and a second coating will give that full flawless coverage. I do find two coatings a little heavy on the skin, so I tend to stick to one unless I’m having a really bad break out that needs covering for an event.
I do recommend popping to your local boots to have a skin colour match before shopping around for this! I currently wear Ecru. Price Mark: £31-£35

Finally, I have dinky fair eyelashes, I haven’t got around to eyelash extensions yet, I dabble a bit with false lashes (yes after all these years I have finally taught myself to apply them!) and for day to day lashes I LOVE Benefit’s BadGal Bang! Price Mark: £21.50

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