Simple Suppers! Dump N Go Chicken!

Dump n Go Chicken is exactly what it states on the label, you dump it in the crock pot and get about your merry day!
So into the crock pot goes…
6 skinless chicken boobies, seasoned with black pepper and salt.
1 jar of ready made salsa – I’ve been known to use the Tesco chip dip salsa because its soooo good and mega cheap, less than £1 a jar.
1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 0.5tsp cumin, 0.25tsp chilli flakes and then stir well to combine the toppings.
Cover and cook the chicken on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours – done!
Shred the chicken & serve with fresh veggies, rice and chopped coriander…. 
Or if you fancy a bit of a cheat – a tortilla, topped with guacamole, shredded cheese and a dash of sour cream ;0)

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