The Gym Deli Meal Prep

So a little while ago I shared a vegan brownie recipe from The Gym Deli on here…

Well in June, amongst the crazy of everything I had so little time amongst the manic weeks to do my own food prep, I gave The Gym Deli’s meal prep service a try!

These are the selling points for The Gym Deli that made me pic them over any other meal prep company:
Local owned business - I’ve watched Natalie build the Gym Deli from the ground up she has come so far in such a short space of time its been quite inspiring to see someone I actually know, grab her life goals by the balls and make a success of it!

Simple service, read the menu, pick my meals, put together an order and mail them across to Natalie and her team. Calculate the costs, organise payment, either in store or on Paypal, confirm a collection/delivery date and its done. Sunday night, 8pm there were my meals cooked and ready for the week.

Balanced health based menu’s – each meal comes with a healthy balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats and you get a lot of choice you want. Pick your protein, pick your carb, pick your veggie.
Cost efficient – For me to put together 5 different meals, from scratch, would cost me not only in time, but in ingredients more than the cost of having The Gym Deli do it for me. Their meals and snacks range from £3-6.50 – the majority of meals are less than a fiver and fresh fish meals naturally being up the £6-6.50 range because well fish ain’t cheap!

Here are my favourite meals from the Gym Deli Menu and their social media handles should you wish to give them a try!

Sweet Chilli Chicken, Rice Noodles & Green Beans 

Lean Beef Burger, Spinach Protein Waffles, Sweet Potato Fries

Feta Fritata, Sweet Potato Thins & Asparagus

Vegan Burger, Spinach Protein Waffles, Sweet Potato Fries & Sauteed Peppers

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