The 7 Step Happiness Makeover

“Future Focused”
Don’t dwell on your past, let your thoughts be consumed with possibilities rather than defeat and limitations. Each new day is a chance to better yourself. Don’t define yourself by who you once were.
“Feel all emotions”
It is easy to run away or distract yourself from negative emotions, but allowing yourself to feel and work through difficult times is the only way you will experience transformational growth.
“Set Boundaries”
Boundaries are put in place to protect yourself, not to control other people. Don’t create unnecessary drama in your life because you aren’t able to effectively set boundaries.
“Commit to healthier habits”
Drink more water. Stop eating when you’re full. Give your body movement and fresh air each day. Practice self-care and avoid burnout.
“Practice Gratitude”
Replace your usual complains with expressions of gratitude. Among all the things that are wrong, point out the things in your life that are right! You’ll be surprised how many you can find when you look.
“Cultivate Generosity”
Step outside of yourself and cultivate a spirit of generosity. Loving others through generous service not only deepens relationships but also makes you an overall happier person.
“Give yourself grace”
Stop being so hard on yourself. The key to experiencing growth and becoming the best version of yourself is to give grace to who you already are and love yourself along your journey.

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