5 Anxiety Busters!!

Hey Hey beautiful people!! I hope you're all having a relaxed Saturday! It's cold, wet and rainy here where I am in the UK so I thought I would take a time out of doing my chores and study to talk to you all about five different things I try to focus on when I'm having a day when my anxiety is at it's peak.
  1. Belly Breathing! Sit up straight, close your eyes with one hand on your chest bone and one hand on your tummy. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose feeling your tummy expand and your chest rise. Then slowly exhale through mouth with your lips slightly pursed as so to make a kind of whooshing sound. Repeat this until the immediate anxiety to panic attack weakens. 
  2. Focus on being present and in the moment. Listen for the things you can hear around you, how the air feels on your skin, what you can smell. Sometimes when I'm having an anxiety attack I call my mum, she'll ask me to describe 10 things I can see, something I can smell... it really does work because it distracts me from the anxiety and brings me back to a grounded situation. 
  3. Pay attention to your thoughts and take the time to acknowledge them - all of them. Often when we're panicked and in the midst of anxiety our thoughts become distorted and twice as negative as they need to be. Take the time to right down the emotions, challenge and rationalise the situation. Ask yourself, is this concern really, evidentally, true? 100% true? Is there another interpretation of the situation? What is the best possible outcome? 
  4. Exercise. I hate going to the gym when I feel anxious, like its literally the last thing I want to do but when it's raining out and I can't get outside for a walk - sticking myself on the treadmill for an hour for a fast paced walk and some inspirational youtube videos' has been one of my personal saviours for anxiety. Plus, we all like an explosion of happy endorphins right? 
  5. Pet therapy... granted, this wont work for everyone - pet allergies and so on, but for those of you who have a pet interacting with them is known to release oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood. I'm really lucky to have shadow in my life - she's my housemates cat, I've basically adopted her as my own and she can bring the love out of me on my most negative days. 

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