Speaking to the Universe!

Hey Everyoneeeee!

Today’s post is about ‘Affirmations’

An affirmation is a statement about yourself or your situation in which you desire to manifest into a truth.

I believe in putting out energy into the universe and the nature of that energy always returning to you. Ever notice if you walk down the street in a great mood smiling and saying hello to everyone that 80% of the time you will get a positive response? But if you walk around with the arse people cross the road to avoid you, without you even doing anything to them?

Vibes baby!

I also believe that what you truly desire, in your heart will be yours as long as you manifest it. Excluding people. Remember the universe has everyone’s back and it has a spiritual alignment for each individual person. You can’t go screwing up someone elses’ alignment by obsessively trying to manifest them into your life, it doesn’t work that way.

But if you desire love, respect, and inner peace – and you make your intentions clear to the universe through ritual affirmations (and actually believe what you’re writing) – it’s as good as yours.

Here are a few of my personal, most used affirmations. I write a journal daily, and I fill a page with affirmations of which I desire to attract to my life or my character.

“I am worthy love & respect”

“I release my expectations of others”

“I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am”

“My strength is greater than my struggle”

“I forgive myself for past negative behaviours”

“I release past negative behaviours”

“I release >insert name of someone you wish to let go off< with love”

“I will feel grief, but I will not wallow in it”

“Life flows easily and effortlessly”

“I am growing, and I am healing”

Another recommended activity  is to record your affirmations and listen to them as you sleep, or repeat them to yourself as you look in the mirror. Just be aware that at first, it may bring up a few strange emotions as you tell yourself that you love yourself, or are deserving of love when you have been criticising and putting yourself down for years. It’s all part of the process though.

Give it a go for 30 days, I would love to know what you think!

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