Most asked fitness questions on IG!

1.       What got me into fitness?

The same as most people… it was 2 days before 2015 and I hated what I saw in the mirror. So I decided to do something about it. Started with slimmingworld… a diet I’ve never truly understood but to begin with it worked… after about 3 months I stopped seeing progress, joined a gym and focused on eating healthy. The more I learnt over the years, through study and experienced I discovered what worked for me and what didn’t.

2.       How do I stay motivated?

Truth is I go through long periods where I’m not motivated at all. I have a habit of letting other parts of my life taking over and controlling me. The thing is, fitness is something I am truly in love with, so I always go back to it when I’m ready. I think this applies to most people in the fitness industry, we don’t love it all the time, we aren’t always disciplined and perfect, but we fall back on it as a source of happiness.

3.       What is my favourite muscle group to train?

This changes a lot…. There was a time where I only liked training legs and glutes. Because its what I felt strongest in. Then I really put a focus on training my upper body and now I’m enjoying that. I’m like everyone else, if I struggle in an area I don’t enjoy training it…. !

4.       Do you follow Macro’s?

I’ve gone through phases of following macros and I would actually recommend it to anyone. It’s the most fail safe way to hit your goals. However for standard day to day eating when I’m not prepping with a goal in mind I stick to intuitive mindful eating. I think when you have been doing it as long as me you get a good idea about portion sizes and what kinds of food your body responds best to.

5.       What supplements and vitamins do you take?

All of my supplements are supplied by Time4Nutrition I highly recommend, in fact if you DM me I can hook you up with a sweet discount! I currently use their pre workout (bubblegum flavour) and their protein which is a nice casein and whey blend, I love both the coconut vanilla milk and raspberry ripple flavour! I also use their Rhubarb and Custard intra workout (BCAA) and that stuff is tastyyy! I even made ice pops with them last summer! So good! For vitamins I take omega 3 daily and 5-HTP with vitamin c and b6 in. 

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