Responsibility - The Ultimate Game Changer

One of the toughest pills I had to swallow when I was in my lowest point of my emotional breakdown was that I, Janine, was 100% responsible for it.

·         I hadn’t had any therapy for the issues in my childhood that kept creeping up and haunting my relationships.

·         I hadn’t made peace with my past.

·         I hadn’t learnt to love myself so that the love of another was a bonus not an essential.

·         I chose to let people outstay their welcome in my life, disrespect me, tread on my confidence.

·         I chose loyalty to others over loyalty to myself.

·         I hadn’t forgiven myself for mistakes and ‘failures’ in my life. Yes I make mistakes.

·         I chased people that had no intentions of being caught. Relentlessly. To the point of humiliation. I did that out of fear of a loss for something that was never mine.

·         I lived in denial for many months, smiling in public and then sobbing myself to sleep.

·         I genuinely believed I didn’t deserve anything better than the life I was living.

The beautiful thing is, when I finally woke up, stared this bullshit in the face, got the help I needed and started releasing the negative behaviours, one at a time  - TAKING RESPONSIBILITY – everything started changing. I let go of people that were hurting me and made room for new, incredible people vibrating on these amazing frequencies to come into my life. Effortlessly.

My only regret? That I didn’t do it sooner. 

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