Comparison stole my joy!!!

We all have days, when we just don’t feel inspired in the world… or feel like we aren’t adding value to the world with our content, with our presence.
Well… I’ve had months like that…. Months of writers block.
Struggling to create and stick to goals.
Struggling to create media content I’m happy with.
Uploading, self-criticizing and then deleting.
If I’m honest, I’ve come so close to shutting down all of my media and blog every week for the last few months.
But I couldn’t work out why?
I mean I know I’m not the same girl I was 4 years ago when I started Blonde Ambitionz, but if anything I’m better – I have learnt so much about myself, so much more about nutrition, fitness. If I thought I had something to say then that added value – why don’t I now?
The mind boggles….
Then as I drank my morning coffee, scrolling the gram I found myself in comparisonville…
I don’t have abs like that anymore..
Why do my pancakes always look like they have been hit with a hammer…
I wish I knew how to style my hair like that…
How is her makeup so flawless….
What the hell am I doing comparing myself against all of these incredible people?
I’m my own, incredible person! I should be embracing, sharing that. Not thinking I don’t got what it takes just because her bloody pancakes look better than mine…
So I’m going to make a conscious effort, to leave this city of comparisonville… go back to the beginning and start sharing again, all of the things that are me, Janine… aka… Blonde, freaking Ambition!

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