Hello August!!!

Olaaaaaa my beautifuls!!!!

Happy August!!!! I am so glad to be past July and living in a fresh month!

The Mercury retrograde effected a lot of people in terms of lack of productivity, things going wrong and just generally creating havoc on our lives!

If you swam through July I salute you, but I know for the most of us, it was a pretty tough month! Especially for Gemini's and Virgo's who are ruled by Mercury and anyone closely connected with one of these.

As we go through the next two weeks of the "Retroshade" things could still feel a little iffy, but they are most definitely on the up!

Jupiter is our main dominating planet in August, with it being direct August 11th!
Fortunately for me, I'm a Sagittarius, Jupiter is my ruling planet, and also - the luckiest!

So I'm feeling hopeful for August, I feel like it's going to be a really positive and exciting month!

My focus is very much on getting settled in my new home, and a routine surrounding my fitness, this blog and so on.
I also have a whole sector of new accounts at work to get around, I find I thrive best when my brain is stimulated and I finish my work day feeling proud of what I have accomplished, so I welcome this new challenge with open arms!!
In addition to that I've set myself up a little side gig doing some freelance work, so that will bring me in some extra monies also!!

Mentally, I am really focused on counting my blessings, doing my affirmations and just generally, having a more open heart to what the future holds and just letting things flow!

Life is about 10% what happens and 90% about how you use it to learn and improve yourself to build a stronger foundation for what comes next.

I wish you all the most amazing August!!

Tonns of Love, Hugs & Positive Vibes,

- Blondie, xox 

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