Taking responsibility!

Take responsibility for your life...
Let me say that again for the people in the cheap seats!

It's a tough pill to swallow recognising that many of the situations we live in have been created by our thought process and actions because of that thought process.
It's hard to hold your hands up and say yes, that relationship failed because I wasn't present enough, or because I was constantly thinking about my insecurities and fears, manifesting them to become a reality.
Its hard to recognise that you are repeating the same karmic cycles and situations because you haven't learnt the lesson the universe intended you to learn.
We don't like to admit that our financial issues, are actually created by feeling a lack - creating more lack. (Ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?)

I have been guilty, of all of the above.
I have pushed people away from me because I was scared, my fears created distance, my negative feelings about myself vibrated of me and influenced other peoples thinking about me.
Then I blamed those people, for leaving me! Creating even more of a bad vibration!
Even the strongest love can't survive when you don't love yourself and you can't love others the way they deserve, with everything you have, if you don't have it in you.
When you understand that, take responsibility for your role in situations then it allows you to not only feel compassion for the other party involved, but it allows you to forgive them for their position in the situation, let it go and turn your focus to healing and forgiving yourself.

This is where the whoooooole situation starts to shift, in your favour.

Meet, version of you 2.0!!!

This chick (or dude, guys could be reading this) understands she isn't perfect.
Forgives herself for all the mistakes she made when she didn't understand or fully know better.
Starts each day as a clean slate excited about what comes next.
Stays present and focused only on the 200m in front of her.
Takes care of her body and mind - daily - out of SELF LOVE.
Doesn't live by labels, relationship status or society expectations.
Holds ZERO grudges.
Smiles. ALOT.
For no reason.
Knows, that everything she focuses on, from her heart, with a positive manner, will be hers. It may not look the same as she first envisioned it, in the career she originally wanted, or the relationship she was trying to resurrect, you might not make millions, and baby that's okay you just want to live a comfortable life - but you WILL be whole, you will be complete and you WILL attract good things, good situations, good opportunities and good people into your good life!
Good Vibrations bring good vibrations.

Take responsibility, do the work you need to do on yourself.... and watch the rest fall into place. 

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