Why the radio silence blonde?

I’m notorious for going off the grid for a little while when things are getting me down or my anxiety is getting the better of me. So I guess I should have expected for everyone to think I was in a bad place when I recently took a break from the Instagram.
It always warms my heart when I receive kind messages checking on my wellbeing and I’m pleased to update you all that I was totally, 100% fine.
Here’s a couple of reason I “Shut Down” for a couple of days.
1 – Apple send me screen time reports, I was horrified when I spent over 8 hoursone day – on my phone last week.
2 – If I’m on my phone, I am quite often missing being present. I wanted to correct that, and make sure I was totally 100% present for a few days to see how it increased my productivity.
3 – The day I’m releasing this will be as we are officially in the final quarter of 2019 – I needed a few days, completely in solitude to work out what I wanted to achieve over the final 90 days of 2019 and how I was going to achieve it.
4 – I needed to do this without distraction, without looking at other people and their life choices.
5 – I didn’t just not use social media, the only time I picked up my phone was to reply to a message. I only replied to messages that required a reply also. IE, When my girls thought I was dead for not posting on social media.
6 – Instagram was winding me up a bit with it’s algorithm and changes, a lot of my posts weren’t getting seen by you guys and I was getting a little too concerned about engagement from my followers, which normally I wouldn’t give a hoot about -  I love everyone of my followers, but I always knew I wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea and I have always been okay with that. It’s about the people who do stick with me, the people I help and the people who help me. Social media can be a very fickle world, and I felt like I needed the break to re-coup, and ground myself. Go back to my roots and the reasons I do social media.
So over the last 4 days, I spent my time solo, planning, training, sleeping, eating well. Just completely getting in touch with myself, oh and boy did my work improve – we had training workshops the week before so on the Monday it was total madness – I somehow pulled out of the hat 3 day’s work in 8 hours. Safe to say I slept like a baby that night.
I love social media, it’s one of my real passions – but this little experiment really opened my eyes up to how much time I was allowing to be consumed by it. I’m not giving up the game, in fact I have so much more I want to share with you guys that I think people who suffer with mental health and life blocks are going to find helpful. I am however going to put limits on my phone use and just spend a little less time showing you what I’m doing and a little more time being present doing it.
Thanks for sticking with me,
Tonns of love, Blondie xx