Hey Baby... Ya miss me?

Well…. Been a bit of a year hasn’t it?

I can hand on my heart say 2020 was one of the most challenging and yet best years of my life – so much happened and yet at the same time, the world slowed down enough to allow me to really process it.

3 months into 2021 and I feel like we are on similar paths, with another 3 months of the Pandemic to go (hopefully) I thought now would be a great time to reflect on what I have learnt and what I want to focus on during the last spell.

There is so much beauty to be taken from every chapter of our lives, even the most challenging.

So here are some things I experienced personally, that shook up my world and my way of living

1 – Fook me sideways and call me sally, we take a hell of a lot ‘norm’ for granted don’t we? From a simple coffee on a park bench to cocktails and hugs with the girls. Simply spending time with our families at Christmas and other holidays. I cannot wait to give my mum a cuddle and dance the night away with my girls.

2 – I am more grateful than ever for the job I have and the career I’ve built to date. Sure I still have days where I can’t be assed… I’m human. But 99% of the time I am so grateful for the business that keeps a roof over my head and during that 99% of the time I am 100% focused on what I can give that business to keep us afloat.

3 – Working from home sucks. I used to be one of those women who wanted to be a total boss babe, owning her own hours and working from home in the luxury of my pjs. Safe to say that idealistic view on working from home withered – very – effing quickly. I was ecstatic when my boss called to say there was a covid safe environment to work from if I wanted it – Yo girl jumped on that sh*t and quickly got herself back into a routine.

4 – Dating during a pandemic…. Ahah… lets just not go there. If people’s mentality towards dating wasn’t conflicted enough in this day and age (we’ll talk more about this on another post sometime) then being limited to walks in the park and attempting to get to know one another through a screen certainly didn’t improve that in my opinion. Self-relationships however – now those have been a hit!! I do hope for those in existing relationships with others that they used the time to strengthen what they had… however I am not blind to the fact that the domestic violence cases rising in the UK it would appear the pandemics effect on mental health in relationships also caused a lot of issues for some. Which brings me to my next point…

5 – This last year more than ever, it has become a huge task to take care of our mental health. Protecting our energy, ensuring to stay in touch with the outside world whilst being isolated has been more important than ever. None of our lives have been the same, everything we knew for a while just wasn’t and learning to adapt to those changes without mentally going of the rail has been something, we have all had to focus on. In a way, I am grateful that we all as a collective got put in the same boat and I do think how we got through the last 12 months and we get through the next 6-12 months will be pivotal moments in strengthening our mental health to build healthy foundations for the future.

6 – I got more comfortable than ever in my own skin. I would say in the last 12 months I have been the least consistent with my fitness routine, with my ‘healthy’ eating. There has just been blocks of time where it hasn’t been important to me or I just couldn’t get there with my motivation. Learning to be okay with that after 5 years of feeling like I HAD to be continuously on the ball, then allowed me to appreciate it so much more when I did get back into the swing of things.

7- I fell in love. Okay there was no huge successful lockdown romance for me, but I did welcome Prince Teddington my handsome King Charles Cavalier Spaniel into my life. I rehomed Teddy who is 5 from a lady who could no longer take care of him. How she could give him up I will never know, but who am I to judge and damn am I grateful to have him in my life. He is simply the best thing to ever happen to me, learning to love him so selflessly and having that unconditional love returned to me has been the most magical experience and I am so so so grateful.

7 – Less is 100% more. In 2020 just before the second lockdown I moved into my own apartment, this in itself was scary because I had never lived entirely alone before made even more scary because I knew the state of the economy when I moved and it was always financially a higher risk than it would have been before. So I’ve been living life a little more on a budget – learning to shop around more, wasting less and appreciating a bargain when I find one but I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and touch wood, I’ve managed to live fairly comfortably with my bills paid in full!

8 – People come and people go, but I will always know who was there for me, who called, who checked in when the chips were down and the world was silent. Some of my friendships strengthened and some fell away, I learnt grace in accepting and letting go.

9 – Compassion is one of your best super powers. Look, every single person in this world, your ex boyfriend, the fck boy who ghosted you, the drama queen in your office, that friend who only ever speaks about herself – they all have their own sh*t going on, they all have their own battles to face. The easiest way to deal with these souls is to remember they are human and they deserve the same level of compassion as you do. Releasing your judgement of them, understanding and accepting sometimes other peoples actions really have nothing to do with you and focusing only on what you can control within yourself, is the only thing you need to do.

10 – I believe in the law of attraction more than ever. If I can come out of a Pandemic with a roof over my head, my bills paid in full, the unconditional love of a beautiful pooch and my career still in tact – because I had faith that I would – then imagine what I can achieve and attract into my life when this pandemic is over and opportunities are more easily accessible.

11 – Crayola are life. If you follow me, you know.